1815-0917 Lightroom Survival Kit 7

It's for anyone who have little or no experience with Lightroom - or those who have enough to know they don't know what's the up and down as regards workflow.

"Thorsten's methodology is perhaps not what hardware-, software- and cloud-companies want us to do, but as a former IT engineer I can only acknowledge his views about preserving our digital heritage. The workflow explained is for me the best I have ever seen."

The aim of the Lightroom Survival Kit 7 is to give you the overview and necessary tools, as well as a way to handle editing so that you can produce the image quality you require in Lightroom, without having to know everything about the software.

The Lightroom Survival Kit 7 gives you the necessary setup for a secure and efficient workflow when you empty your images onto the computer.

The Lightroom Survival Kit 7 is not a "know-all-about-the-software" and all the features of Lightrooms. It's for photographers who wants photographic results using Lightroom - without having to spend hours by the computer.

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