1566-0417 Leica Q Know-All eBook by Thorsten von Overgaard

The Know-All eBook on the Leica Q

Thorsten Overgaard's much anticipated eBook on the fantastically popular Leica Q camera. 332 Pages. "Wow! Your philosophilcal article, 'Take a break and learn to see' hidden in the very last pages of this excellent book really inspired me. Thank you!" "Amazingly detailed book on the Leica Q which is getting rave reviews by even the most jaded photo writers"

Table of Contents:

What is so great about the Leica Q?
A Leica with built-in selfie stick
A portable camera
Simply a camera
Why is it called a camera?
A perfect reportage camera
Quiet as a Leica
The success of the Leica Q
Low Light Tradition
The art of composing with a 28mm lens
How do you use a 28mm lens?
Depth of Field
f/1.7 or Automatic Aperture?
Macro Depth of Field
Behind the Leica Q
The History of the Leica Q 28mm Lens
The Ideal Street Photography Camera
AF and Maximum Snapshot Success”
How to Focus the Leica Q 112
How I use “1-Point Auto Focus
Moving the Focus Point
Face Detection Focus
Everything if Focus
Educate People
Shooting Series Instead of Singles
Always Wear a Camera
Getting Colors Right on the Leica Q
Thomas Kelvin
Setting the White Balance on the Leica Q
Auto White Balance
EVF Electronic Viewfinder
Adjusting the EVF Brightness
EVF Sharpness
Diopter Adjustment
Touch Screen
Light Metering on the Leica Q
Manipulating the Light Meter
Locking light meter from AF (AEL)
Compensation with the Thumbs Wheel
Shutter Times and Electronic Shutter
Which SD-Card to use in the Leica Q?
Leica Q Lens Shade
The Leica Q Stealth Cover
The Leica Q Battery and Charger
Battery Sawing Set to 2 Minutes
Updating the Leica Q Firmware
Leica Q App and WiFi (WLAN)
The 28mm in Leica History
The First Leica 28mm Lens
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
Image Optimization in the Background
The Leica Q Macro Lens
The “Leica Glow and the Leica Philosophy
Black and White Image Quality
Color Image Quality
Embedded vs. Adobe Standard Profiles
You Will Want a Leica M
Leica Q Special editions
Video on the Leica Q
Leica Q Landscape Photography
Errors on the Leica Q
Leica Q Definitions
Straps for the Leica Q
“Take a break and learn to see”
Enjoy the Leica Q

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