1466 Thorsten Overgaard New Inspiration Course I

The Extension Course ships as a 180 page eBook/PDF with video tutorials within 5 days from signing up.

I don't offer critique or approval. I offer education, information and inspiration. Unfortunately it isn't like installing a new chip, and you are all wiser and set to go. It takes work on your part. But it's fun.

My New Inspiration Course is based on teaching hundreds of people in workshops, and this is my compressed knowledge on how to educate, inform and inspire you so you have fun growing your skills and natural talents. This extension course is for you!

New format:
This is the new extension course designed to bring you further in your photography by inspiring you and challenging your photography eye and talent.

The Extension Course is a supplement to the Overgaard Workshops but does not require that you have done a workshop.

Reading and doing:
The New Inspiration Extension Course is not a test or examination of you. It is an attempt to inspire and help you.

What does it take?
The extension course format offers a very large timeframe for you to work within. A lot of the materials require that you think long-term. The goal is to develop you and I don't expect it to happen in 5 minutes.

You must have access to a computer or iPad (PDF reader) and be able to read the materials and view videos online.

You will use a notebook or a digital notepad (iPhone, iPad or computer) for your notes.

Experience level:
The course is for beginners as well as experienced photographers. It is not a test of your technical knowledge or talent. It's a help to improve from the level you are at.

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