1732 "A Little Book on Photography" by Thorsten Overgaard

"I just finished reading your Little Book on Photography. It was like living a sacred romance with the art. A very enjoyable read. Thank you."

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"A Little Book on Photography"
By Thorsten von Overgaard
Including "The Axioms of Photography"

Table of Contents:
My Career · The Business Plan
Own Your Creations · Legacy · Born with Talent
Work · Working for Others · Invalidation
Always Wear a Camera · Get Out the Door
Put Your Mind to Work · Make Something Every Day
People and Light · Pictures Happen Everywhere
Photographs Just Happen · Changing People’s Viewpoints
Right and Beautiful · A Good Photograph
Why Keep Doing it? · Workshops
I Just Taught You Everything · Being a Teacher
The Leica · A Camera · Unique
Decide to Take a Picture · You Have the Viewpoint
The Breakthrough · Light · Concept of Photography
A Life with Leica · I Sold my Television
The Role of the Artist · How Did You Meet?
What I Teach · From Denmark · Asia
Loving the Camera · Celebrity · Glass
The Noctilux · Critics · Gypsy Life
Being Me · Making a Photograph
Where is the Picture?

The Axioms of Photography:
20 Axioms of Photography by Thorsten von Overgaard

Thorsten Overgaard Workshops
Extension Courses · Books
Exhibitions & Talks · Meetups
Artist Bio

"The closest I have ever come to writing a poetry book.
It started out as notes in a notebook, and then one day in Hong Kong,
I sat down and put it into this book. I continued the work in Hollywood,
Havana and London, and this is what I put together. I hope you
enjoy every moment of the 180 pages."

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